Aircrete Construction

Aircrete is an exciting green construction method that is appropriate for the developing world context!


Housing is a critical need for living and millions worldwide are forced to survive in little more than shacks lacking protection from the elements, vermin and insects. Aircrete construction is an appropriate transferable technology that can be used in missions to work with the people to help them help themselves, and all to the glory of the Lord. It is easily learned and can even become a business.

Aircrete replaces the need for sand and gravel used in regular cement with millions of tiny air bubbles. Because of that, aircrete is extremely lightweight functioning both structurally and as insulation, and does not require the deep foundations of other typical construction methods. Some of the amazing characteristics of aircrete include being rot and flood proof, pest proof, fire proof, and very affordable. Aircrete’s lightness makes it a joy to work with in comparison to the weight of regular cement and the extreme physical labor required.

Aircrete represents a paradigm shift in construction and the best way to learn it is by doing. Join us for hands on training in how to make a foam generator, the proper mixing of aircrete, framing of doors and windows, using the slip form method, finishing the sides with reinforcement and a final stucco bond coat. We will also cover proper curing, foundations, the inclusion of utilities, and roofing systems. We will also build the foam generator for those who bring parts to make one.