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Our Missionaries


East Africa - Undisclosed Location

Due to the sensitive nature of the work in this area, it is not safe to disclose this information. Please pray for the people serving the Lord in this area of the world.


South Asia - Undisclosed Location

Due to the sensitive nature of the work in this area, it is not safe to disclose this information. Please pray for the people serving the Lord in this area of the world.


Europe - Undisclosed Location

Due to the sensitive nature of the work in this area, it is not safe to disclose this information. Please pray for the people serving the Lord in this area of the world.

Tim & Holly Anderson - Peru

Tim grew up in Virginia and Holly in Ecuador as a missionary kid. They both attended Columbia International University, and Tim went on to take classes at the University of South Carolina. They married in 2001 and now have five kids. Tim worked flipping houses, as a youth pastor, and as the operations director of Hydromissions before moving with his family to the Cuzco area of Peru to run The Blue Castle Ministry House.

Hosea and Esther Apeh - Nigeria

Grace Christian Mission began as Life Training Center started in John and Lydia’s home. And has been under the leadership of John Apeh since 1993 until his death in March 2023.

Hosea has been partnering with John, bringing a holistic message of the gospel to the people of Central Nigeria. Through rural outreaches, Christian education, water well drilling, literature ministry and agricultural works, the ministry of Grace Christian Mission transforms lives in unique ways. Away from the fields, Hosea works as an educational psychologist with a university where he trains new generation teachers for the task of raising younger ones to become responsible members of society. He currently heads the Department of Educational Foundations.

With John’s passing, Hosea assumed full leadership of the work where he directs the following ministries:

Grace Outreach Team conducts regular outreaches to rural areas in partnership with existing local churches for proper discipleship of those who make decision for Christ.

Grace Media Ministry develops and print gospel literature for free distribution in schools and public places. Grace Media Ministry also coordinates, Bible Correspondence for young people. Currently, we are developing plans to commence Virtual Bible Correspondence School. Our Media work will develop children’s evangelism materials with local content that can be easily accessed by the rural population. The materials will include audio, video and written gospel materials for children and youths. 

Grace Christian Schools provides elementary, primary, and secondary education for the rural population. The vision is to reach out to many through fellowship with/ Christian counselling services to students. 

Faith Farm maintains fishponds and crop farms. The goal is to provide skills training, meet feeding needs of the widows/orphans/the needy as well as generate income to become self-supporting. 

Lifewater Nigeria, well drilling ministry, currently drills new wells, rehabilitating old ones, and carrying out constant repairs in multiple locations in Nigeria. We also provide Hygiene and Sanitation Training and build toilets to deal with open defecation.

Coming up is John and Lydia Apeh Foundation with the goal of sourcing funds and providing financial support for education of Christian Leaders in theological schools.

The Foundation will also operate a Theological Library open to the public and students at theological schools for research. The current stockpiles of John’s books and personal notes will be further developed into consumable forms to build the knowledge base of the people. 

Grace Vocational Training Centre is also evolving with skills acquisition training in computer, machining, baking, sowing, masonry, carpentry etc mainly for gospel workers (to develop self-support) and for others in the community.

Hosea is married to Esther and they have three children, Ariyeh, Avichai and Asher.

Jeremy & Tamara Boone - Uganda/USA

In 2009, Jeremy and Tamara Boone left the United States for Jinja, Uganda, and soon began serving in a refugee camp-turned-slum called Masese III. The people who live there fled the high deserts to escape war, child abduction, and famine. Decades later, the community still struggles to survive each day and is aid dependent. Though many of them say they are Christians their community is largely devoid of any tangible evidence of God’s love.

Jeremy and Tamara are sure that God has called and sent them, alongside of others, to share the gospel in word and deed with the hope He will bring His Karamojong children to Himself.

Today, the Karamojong in Masese Slum are at risk of being displaced again as the town dismantles the community to make room for development. Nearly everyone is at a loss about where they will go or what they will do. As the community disappears, it is clearer than ever that Jesus’ call to disciple is the only way to make a long-term, eternal impact among the Karamojong tribe. Jeremy and Tamara currently seek discipling relationships through three platforms: financial training and job creation, advocacy, and church planting.

Since being in Uganda, they have adopted two children, Gloria and Evan, as well as given birth to two more, Karis and Samantha.

Jeremy and Tamara also serve as Member Care Associates for Equip International, providing support and encouragement for all Equip missionaries in order to increase their resilience and effectiveness in the field.

Charles & Joyce Cheruiyot - Kenya

Charles Cheruiyot was born in 1965 in Kericho County, Kenya and moved to work in Eldoret. He attended school at Siret primary school and later joined Kiptewit high school in 1982.  He got baptized while in high school, and was involved in the Christian union while in school, and during holidays, he would help teach Sunday School in the local church.  After high school, he struggled to pursue further studies at Lubbock Christian University in USA, but could not raise enough money, but opted to join a local college in Nairobi Kenya.

Institutions and colleges attended

Nairobi Universal College

Nairobi Great Commission School

Kenya Institute of Management

St Paul University (Kenya)

Nations University (Online)


Born in the family of six brothers and one sister by the late Anna and Samson Rono.  He got married to Joyce Wanjiru in 1995, and is blessed with two sons, Daniel and Ronaldo

Work experience / Activities Involved in

When he was transferred to Eldoret, he joined a local church of Christ where he was chosen as one of the preachers. He later got a vision to start a radio ministry as way to reach many people in a short time. The radio helped in planting Pioneer Church with the city of Eldoret where he serves till now.  He is involved in mission work in Africa, Britain and USA through partnerships and seminars.  He is also assisting vulnerable like orphans and widows in various communities in East Africa by administering of relief to flood, storm, earthquake, drought and general disaster victims.  He is training preachers, famers, school teachers and community leaders on skills that will empower them to serve their families and communities.  He is partnering with relevant organizations and partners like Equip International to reach out to needy persons in communities.  He preaches on the radio and social media as way of reaching more communities with the gospel and skills that will help in development.   He is offering psychosocial support to venerable person in communities and advocating /championing and promoting quality of life and sustainable projects in communities.

Duane Crumb - Florida, USA: Worldwide

Duane Crumb was born in New York State and has lived in California, Texas, Ohio, and now in Florida. Prior to being a missionary, he worked in banking. From there he served in church administration, as a press secretary to a US congressman, in sales, and in various ministries.

In 1985 when serving in government, his congressman assigned him the responsibility of becoming an expert on the then very new issue of HIV/AIDS so that the congressman would have a reliable information for writing and evaluating related legislation. This led Duane to examine HIV disease and related issues from every angle using his access to all of the information and resources of United States government. And he has spent the rest of his life studying and teaching about the disease ever since.

In 1987, Duane left the Congressman’s office, co-founded the American Institute for Teen AIDS Prevention, and became its executive director. There he developed and distributed HIV education materials primarily targeting the public schools of the United States. Soon the schools were inviting him to address their students. He presented motivational HIV prevention assembly programs in middle and high schools and other settings in 38 states and many other countries, addressing more than 800,000 students.

In 2005, the organization’s focus changed from young people in North America to empowering people to become HIV educators internationally. This led to changing the name to HIVHope International to reflect the new scope and the focus of the ministry. After being part of two other agencies, Duane took the CHE training (LINK: Community Health Evangelism course page) through which he became aware of Equip.  When God made it clear that it was time to change agencies, he joined Equip.

Though he did not initially want to be involved in HIV-related issues, he can now not imagine doing anything else. God has had him travel to 23 countries on four continents with His message of hope, empowering believers to motivate people in their cultures to make choices that will slow the spread of the virus, replace stigma, and bring the gospel to those living with HIV.

So far, Duane has facilitated 76 HIV Educator Seminars. Seminar participants develop creative new ways to present a biblically-based HIV education. Duane has served in vocational ministry for most of his adult life in the local church (currently serving as the chair of the Deacon Body of McGregor Baptist Church) , doing evangelism, and as a missionary. Duane and his wife, Kathy, live in Fort Myers, Florida, and have five children and nine grandchildren.

Learn more about HIVHope by visiting

David Davis - Brazil

David grew up in Lexington, South Carolina, where he came to know the Lord at an early age. As a boy he enjoyed farming, Scouts, and designing projects, not knowing that God was preparing him for something different. He studied engineering at Clemson University and credits Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Reformed University Fellowship, and Clemson Presbyterian Church with helping him grow spiritually. In 1991, David responded to God’s call, which resulted in walking away from his job at NASA and his graduate studies. Since 1995, David has been in Ouro Fino, Minas Gerais, about 100 miles north of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Through Mission to the World and Equip, David is developing Christian foster homes and vocational training for children from dysfunctional families. Most of the children accept the Lord when they experience love, the gospel, and a stable home for the first time in their lives. That then opens the door to work with their family and neighbors. Some of the children are back in their restored families, and others have left the nest as productive citizens.

Jack Dody - Colorado, USA

Jack and Marilou Dody have served Equip International since 2001. Jack is an Appropriate Technology specialist. Jack and Marilou developed an off-grid homestead on the high plains of Colorado. For twenty years they lived with the technologies that they shared with missionaries and the people they serve. Jack provided hands-on training for missionaries in five areas: affordable shelter, solar energy, water catchment and purification, food production and safe sanitation using a system called abundaculture. Now the Dody family is creating free YouTube presentations explaining Appropriate Technologies.

Learn more about AbundaCulture: click here!

Alec Dubree - Ukraine

I’m 22 years old and was born and bred in Kansas. I became a Christian at sixteen. Throughout my journey I have learned what it means to fight, love, and never give up on others. I pride myself on being a man who is chasing after God’s heart and seeking him in all I do. I am the first generation of not only missionaries but also of Christians to come from my family. My heart is for others and for the Lord. I hope to be somebody who sees others and loves them well.

Alec will serve in the Ukraine.


Jim & Diana Frantz - Colombia

Jim and Diana Frantz reside in Bogota, Colombia with their youngest son, Matias (16).   Jim is originally from Valley City, North Dakota and graduated from Northwestern College (now the University of Northwestern) in Roseville, Minnesota with a Certificate in Biblical Arts and from the University of Minnesota where he studied International Development and Cross-Cultural Communications.  Diana is a native of Bogota, Colombia and has a degree in Journalism (Social Communications) from Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Bogotá and a post grad degree in Teaching Foreign Languages from the Pedagogy University in Bogota.

Jim and Diana met at church in Colombia while Jim was doing an internship in Bogota in 1986.  They were married on January 16, 1988 and moved to Minneapolis where Jim worked with Land O’Lakes, Inc in the International Development department and Diana taught Spanish.  In 1993, Land O’Lakes promoted Jim to Regional Director of Southeastern Europe where he managed their agricultural and agribusiness management programs in Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, and Hungary.  During their time in Bulgaria, Diana started a preschool for English speaking children, primarily the missionary community.  After two years living in Sofia, Bulgaria, they were offered the position of Latin America Regional Director by Opportunity International, a Christian microfinance organization.

Jim helped expand the work of extending microfinance loans and economic, social and spiritual training to over 93,000 families in poor communities throughout Latin America.  Diana stayed at home with the children and then started teaching at El Camino Academy, a missionary school in Bogota, where she continues part time today.

In 2014, God closed the door to the work with Opportunity International and after prayer and rest, Jim started to work independently forming Savings Groups in poor communities in and around Bogota.  God brought together a group of supporters who helped finance the start up of Investing Hope Foundation promoting community economic development through savings and entrepreneurship groups and Biblically based financial training in Bogota.  Over the last five years, Investing Hope Foundation has grown to serve over 1,100 adults and 3,600 children and youth.  Last year, in a pandemic, our participants saved over $91,000 USD.  Jim continues to direct this initiative and Diana supports the development of the training materials for the children.  Together they are helping children understand important principles, the most important being there is a God that loves them and desires to give them hope and a future.

Jim and Diana have four children, three who are adults and married. Their daughter, Laura and her husband, Daniel Olson and their two sons, Samuel and Isaac, live in Fort Worth, Texas where Daniel is a doctor and Laura is a nurse. Their son, Lucas, and wife Kelsey, work for International Justice Mission in Washington, DC. Elias (son) and his wife Ximena just finished their university degrees and are working in Richmond, Virginia. Matias is a 10th grader at El Camino Academy in Bogota.

Ace & Sarah Gentner - Spain

Hi! We are Ace, Sarah, Aurora & Freddie Gentner
We are working on sharing the Gospel through creative channels in Granada, Spain. We are originally from Santa Rosa, California, although Ace IS half Spanish- from Granada, which is what ties to this place and gives us a heart for sharing Jesus with the people in the way God has shown us. Ace has grown up in the church, attending Hessel Church ever since he can remember. He was saved at about 5 years old, but that didn't always translate into doing the right thing and walking God's path always. Sarah got saved when she was 19 after a near death experience and miraculous healing. We were married in 2006. Aurora was born in 2008, then Freddie in 2010. The kids are also full documented Spanish citizens because of Ace, so Spain & its culture has been very interwoven into our lives for long time. God has been faithful to both of us and walked with us when we didn't walk with Him and through that showed us how we would serve him in Spain. Ace serves in recovery ministries, facilitating groups and counseling 1 on 1 with Biblical recovery material. He also collaborates with a weekly homeless food distribution where they build relationships with the homeless & other student volunteers in order to share the gospel through testimony, distributing Gospels or Bibles and whatever other means necessary. Him and other musicians are working on a music outreach project as well and Sarah's main focus is language training to eventually establish an inter-church AWANA club or other children's program where kids can invite their unchurched friends to play games and hear the gospel.

Aurora has a real heart to serve and help wherever she can. She is very crafty and seems to master any kind of artistic craft she applies herself too. Freddie is a great friend-maker, loves reading & knowledge. He also really loves building, fixing & adventures. We strive to maintain regular family devotions as they really help us keep our own hearts in check and opens communication among us. As a family also like taking trips together and seeing interesting places. We also enjoy miniature gaming, card games, playing music (which are also ways of building relationship with our community) & also look forward to a weekly movie night where we can just relax together or share that with some friends.also enjoy a weekly movie night where we can just relax together or sharing that with friends.

CLICK HERE to read our BLOG!

James & Elsie Gilbert - Brazil

James and Elsie Gilbert have spent over 20 years in Brazil serving vulnerable children and their families. In 2011, they founded the Instituto Lado a Lado—a nationwide communications platform which seeks to inform, inspire, train, and serve Christians engaged in work with vulnerable children in Brazil. James visits organizations, sharing the vision of Instituto Lado a Lado and forming partnerships, and Elsie coordinates communications efforts. They both work daily on preparing messages, articles, Bible studies, sharing methods, and inviting people to different trainings their partners promote. They believe that God is present in the midst of suffering, and that He has called them to walk side-by-side with those providing relief.

Richard Kollie - Liberia

Richard Kollie was born 1970 in the West African Republic of Liberia; a place he lived until he migrated to the United States in 2010 to unite with his wife and children. Prior to migrating to the United States, Richard worked for developmental non-governmental organizations in Liberia including the Adventist Development Relief Agency (ADRA), United Nations Center for Human Settlement (UNCHS), Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE), and others in areas ranging from training former combatants in skill development to community training in project monitoring and implementations as part of broader efforts in fostering the country’s recovery process after fourteen years of devastating civil war (1990 to 2004). Richard is a devout Christian and is a baptized member of the Lutheran Church in Coatesville, Pennsylvania.

Richard holds MPA from the American Public University and BSc in Criminal Justice from Pennsylvania State University. Upon retirement from public service in the United States in 2022, he has decided to join the missionary team of Equip International and return to his native Liberia to continue humanitarian work in needy communities while carrying the message of the gospel.

Chelsi Matthews - Ghana

I am from Alabama. Over the years, the Lord has allowed me to call various parts of the US and the world my home through serving Him. I came to know Christ as my Savior when I was nine, but did not answer the piercing call to serve Him with my life until I was in college. From that moment on, the Lord has molded and stretched me in ways I never could have expected or imagined. I am constantly humbled by His wondrous ways and provision. The Lord has placed on my heart to return to Ghana with a focus on reaching students and families through educational outreach. The goal is to implement an after-school program for students to focus on reading and writing skills while sharing the love of Christ in a vulnerable and impoverished atmosphere. The prayer is that the community will witness and experience the undeniable love God has for them and come to know Him as the ultimate Sustainer.


Mike & Louise McDonald - Global

Michael and Louise McDonald are a couple from Rhode Island, USA. They have been married since 2003 and through that time have together shared a sincere yearning to serve the Lord. Their professional backgrounds are varied whereas Mike served in the United States Navy for over twenty years within the US Naval Construction Force, Louise became a registered nurse and has held responsibilities in varied capacities throughout her career.

Within their time together well before retiring from their initial professions they each sought higher educational opportunities. Mike pursued the Education profession later allowing him to teach with a degree in Special Education and assist with TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language). Louise fulfilled her passion for the arts attaining a Graphic Design degree. They both also enjoy small scale farming, bee keeping and gardening as a hobby.

Having a servant’s heart, the Lord interestingly acquainted the couple to opportunities that the diverse classes from Equip International in Marion, North Carolina have provided. Within a few short years the knowledge acquired from the classes combined with their own life skills has familiarized them to the needs that would enable them to assist missionary field workers. This has led to the mutual decision on their part melled with Divine Inspiration for the desire to volunteer in a missionary setting. They can offer support with their skills to the long-term team with medical assistance that is provided to the local community or with providing any industrial help to the infrastructure the missionary’s community may need.

With the willingness in their heart and their growing faith, Mike and Louise have considered the challenges their decisions bring and continue to seek the Lord’s guidance.

Josue & Ruth Morales - Florida, USA

Josue and Ruth Morales grew up in the Republic of the Philippines and worked for 25 years training young people for Christian ministry at a Bible school. They thank God for the opportunity to have helped their own country develop mature Christians and leaders who are now “out in the field” proclaiming the Good News of the gospel to their own Filipino people, not only in the Philippines, but also among the Filipino communities in the islands of Hawaii.

In 1996, Josue and Ruth answered the call to go to Curitiba, Brazil, and work among street children. During their time there (1997-2008), Josue and Ruth "planted the Seed" and whenever children came to Christ, they were faithfully nurtured to become mature Christians.

In 2008, Equip reassigned Josue and Ruth to LaBelle, Florida, where God has blessed them with a cross-cultural community, reaching the different ethnic groups, particularly the Hispanic community. The Morales’ continue an active ministry volunteering at the Salvation Army Service Center, interviewing clients to qualify for food assistance, distributing food, sharing devotionals both in English and Spanish, visiting clients whom they have shared the gospel with and inviting them to church, distributing gospel tracts at the flea market, visiting the nursing home, and hosting fellowship dinners.

Ben & Emily Okello - Kenya

Ben and Emily Okello serve in their native Kenya and in the neighboring countries. Ben is a school teacher with a BA in business from Messiah College (Daystar, Kenya campus) and an MDiv and PhD in Missiology from International Faith Theological College. Ben has had extensive experience as an evangelist and church planter in unreached areas of Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. He currently oversees 15 churches that he started. He is frequently invited to speak in Tanzania and in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ben and Emily also have a ministry for the growing number of orphaned children in Kenya, including Schofield Orphanage and School. Emily trained as an Assistant Nurse and is called to help in serving the children at the orphanage.

Tom & Nancy Rach - Mexico

Dr. Tom Rach holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural Education and Extension. His wife, Nancy, has a B.S. in Rural Sociology.  Originally from southwest Michigan, the Rachs have been serving in Chiapas, Mexico since 1996. Using Corazones Abiertos Jornadas (Open Hearts’ Journey) they provide care to abused and traumatized men and women, and are developing a similar program for youth. They also are involved in Bible studies, resource translations and agricultural and community development as they minister to the people of Chiapas, Mexico and Latin America.  They work in partnership with local Christians and congregations.

John & Amy Schaffner

John lives with his family in Winnipeg, Manitoba and serves as the Director of Member Care for Equip Canada; he has been with Equip since 2023. He is originally from Arkansas and his wife, Amy, is from Louisiana, but they have lived in Winnipeg since 2017. John and Amy have three children - Sadie, Jack, and Walt. They have planted a ministry called Be the Church Fellowship - where the name is the mission! They have a calling to get out of God’s way and let the Spirit of Christ fully empower the body of Christ to awaken and rise up and touch tens of thousands of lives in Winnipeg, which is a city of 800,000. John has a passion to encourage wounded and weary ministers; servants of Christ that feel isolated and alone; to reach out and let them know that what they are doing matters, even if no one but God notices. You can find John on social media or check out

Mark & Jaclyn Sievert - Latin America

Mark and Jaclyn Sievert have a passion for sharing the gospel and seeing families transformed by the word of God. They were faithfully serving in leadership at their local church, when God called them into full-time ministry to bring the good news to the unreached.

They will be serving the indigenous people of Latin America. Many of these people groups are still classified as least-reached, with less than 5% of the population professing faith in Jesus.

The Sieverts will be focusing on community development projects, sharing God’s word through audio Bibles, discipling new believers, and music ministry.

Gary & Mary Vanderkooi - Ethiopia

Dr. Gary Vanderkooi is a biochemist who has served in Ethiopia for nearly three decades developing a variety of education and ministry projects. He began in the 1990s serving as both project leader and brick layer for Soddo Christian College, a four-year college for the Wolaita people. Gary has also served as a project manager for the Soddo Christian Hospital. His greatest passion is for his work at the Wolaitta Evangelical Seminary where he has directed training while also overseeing the construction of the campus. He has now passed the leadership over to Ethiopians who are Christ-followers. Gary is currently giving direction to the creation of a Christian Elementary School in Soddo.

Dr. Mary Vanderkooi is the author of The Village Medical Manual and the designer of Equip’s Missionary Medicine Intensive (MMI) course, which was developed around that publication. Mary operates clinics among the Wolaita, a feeding program for those most affected by famine and poverty, and a home and school for orphans.

Henry & Elizabeth Vargas - Nicaragua/USA

In 1998 Hurricane Mitchell hit Nicaragua leaving the country devastated and in much need of help. Many people came to the aid of the Nicaraguan people. In particular a group of people from North Carolina traveled to assist in the aftermath of the storm. Henry Vargas was among this team and he fell in love with the people and the country. He knew after this trip that God was calling him and his family into ministry. He knew God wanted them in Nicaragua so a year later after much prayer and support his family and him moved to Nicaragua. Once they arrived in Nicaragua the vision and dream was born to open a school that was to be called Managua Christian Academy. They wanted to provide an education for families that could not afford to pay for a private school and be able introduce the word of God and show them the love of Jesus.

In 2004 in Managua in El Barrio Los Sábalos they began to build what would be Managua Christian Academy (MCA), which grew and thrived until their building and property was completely destroyed by flooding in 2010. For a few years, the school continued on by meeting under canopies in a parking lot, then by renting. But then God provided a property to buy, which felt like the promised land and a new beginning. That is when they changed the name of the school to MCA Restore.

They are committed to providing a high level of education and bringing God’s Message of love and salvation to every student. Christ is at the absolute center of their ministry and they are investing time into their lives everyday by showing and teaching the love of Christ. Not only are they meeting physical needs but also spiritual needs for the students and their families. They are preparing men and women by giving them values, a new academic standard, knowledge of the Bible, English, philosophy and more. The goal is to give them the skills they need for life and be disciples of Christ. Their vision is to change the next generation: they emphasize integrity, honesty, purity, and family values. They seek to accomplish this by teaching the Bible and the ways of Jesus and building relationships to disciple the students that accept Jesus as their Savior.

Henry and Elizabeth—along with their four daughters—are currently in the U.S. for a season, and are working to raise funds for MCA.

Eric & Shannon Wiederholt SE - Asia/USA

Eric and Shannon grew up in Northeast Georgia where they met in Athens, while attending the University of Georgia as nutrition majors. Settling in Bristol, Tennessee, they started a family and began pursuing their calling into long-term missions by volunteering locally and internationally in nutrition and sustainable agriculture projects.

While serving in Northern Thailand for six years among Thai and Myanmar populations, they became Community Health Evangelism (CHE) practitioners and facilitators. This led to opportunities to partner on projects with others in SE Asia and globally. They continue to focus and work on initiatives among Myanmar diaspora in the USA and SE Asia. In addition they train local and international Christian leaders, teachers and lay volunteers in transformational community development strategies and facilitate Bible-based Trauma Healing groups. Thank you for partnering with the Wiederholt family.

To learn more about their ministry, visit the Wiederholt’s Facebook and Instagram:

Mark & Michelle Wise - Uganda

Mark and Michelle Wise were each raised in legalism and met while in college in southern California. Mark is from North Carolina and Michelle from British Columbia, Canada. By God's grace, their history in legalism has given them a passion for the gospel and a passion for answering practical theological questions. They were married in 1987 and have three adult children: Alexis (married to Andrew Olson with 3 grandchildren), Brittany, and Joshua (married to Olivia). They are members of Grace Community Church in Marion, NC, and are living in Jinja, Uganda.

Mark holds a master's degree from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. By grace he serves in discipleship, teaching, and pastor training.

Michelle serves in teaching and mentoring. She is currently teaching Women's Health and Hygiene at the Jinja Pregnancy Care Center (JPCC) and within the greater Jinja area. Michelle meets with missionary women as the opportunity presents itself.

They are also active in their home church and in other ministries.

Gabriel & Hillarey Yoder - Honduras

Gabriel and Hillarey Yoder, and their four children, are serving the Lord in the Department of Cortes, Honduras. Gabe is the construction manager for Hospital Yojoa, a mission hospital being built not far from the shores of Lake Yojoa. In addition to building a hospital, they are passionate about loving their neighbors well and building relationships within the Honduran community and the local church.

Matt & Ellen Zell - Honduras

We are Matt and Ellen Zell and have been serving in Honduras with Equip since 2010. Our ministry follows the example from Jesus of teaching and acts of love, so we strive in both Biblical discipleship hand in hand with practical helps.

We have a training center in the mountains of the district of La Paz that provides a location for ministry, trainings and community outreaches. This serves as a location that local churches can use for events such as weddings and other events. There are both women’s and children ministries. We also provide Biblical training for over thirty church leaders and pastors that brings training of excellent quality to the local pastors to encourage them in their personal walk and equip them with tools to minister effectively. Agricultural lessons, such as making compost, serve as community outreaches with an opportunity to share the gospel.

The training center is also the main location for the educational ministry of the “Centro de Formación Integral” or CFI which is a wholistic learning center helping youth obtain their high school degree while teaching them the Bible. This year there are over 100 students enrolled in CFI and eight teachers working to reach these youth! CFI also has a second location much further off the pavement that currently has 20 students enrolled. Most of these CFI youths are unsaved/unchurched and so the opportunity is great!

In 2022 we transitioned to working both stateside and in Honduras so that we could be closer to Ellen’s mother who is in need of assistance. This has opened up two new paths of ministry. The first being here in the states at Equip headquarters in Marion, NC, in providing mission trainings for both folks currently serving on the field and those who are interested. The other is in the ability to be able to better help coordinate short term mission teams to go to Honduras to help in the ministry.

We consider is a great privilege and joy to work to proclaim the name that is above all other names, the only name in which salvation is found, and that is the name of Jesus our Lord!

Email Address: [email protected]

To learn more, visit the Zell’s website:

Zeamanuel, Yonathan & Tizita Zenebe - Ethiopia

Dr. Yoni & Tiza live and work primarily in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, but also work with partners in other countries in Africa. Ethiopia is one of the countries with the largest remaining needs in Africa. They are passionate about seeing Bible translation advance in this country. Yoni serves as a Country Director in SIL Ethiopia, Tiza, as Associate Language Program Director, works in helping churches and new organizations get involved in Bible translation of their surrounding language communities. She also enjoys helping language communities figure out how to engage with their scripture in the program of scripture engagement.

Thank you for supporting Bible translation in Africa, especially in Ethiopia!

Our Board of Directors

Caleb Bradshaw - Fletcher, North Carolina

Jon Brooks (Chair) — Black Mountain, North Carolina

Jeff Burwinkel — Bellaire, Texas

Brian Guengerich - Black Mountain, North Carolina

Kyle Hoover (Vice Chair) — Morganton, North Carolina

Andy Morris — Hendersonville, North Carolina

Diane Oxendale — Nebo, North Carolina

Lonnie Ray - Asheville, North Carolina

Ron Pownall - (Treasurer) Black Mountain, North Carolina

Jesse Thornburg - Tennessee

Dawn Wildman - Huntersville, North Carolina