Life-Changing Training

We offer practical training courses that prepare missionaries to serve in their context, giving them specialized skills to minister to the physical as well as the spiritual needs of those they serve. Our experienced instructors teach missionaries, whether career missionaries or short-term mission trip laypeople, how to be versatile in their settings, creatively using the resources available to serve their communities.

Equip teaches specialized courses in Agriculture, Appropriate Technology, and Medicine that address four major areas of human need: Water, shelter, health care, and community development.


Water is essential to life. According to the World Health Organization, at least 2 billion people worldwide have a drinking water source that is contaminated. The result? Preventable deaths or lifetime disabilities stemming from waterborne diseases and malnutrition.

When people have access to cleaner, safe water, their health improves. Equip’s water courses equip missionaries to provide tools for people to access clean water in their communities, opening up life-giving opportunities that impact generations to come.


There is a great need in the developing world for safe, affordable housing. Traditional houses in many parts of the world are extremely vulnerable to earthquakes and hurricanes, leaving families without homes after natural disaster strikes.

Equip offers a course in building ecoshells, one of the most durable housing options available. These concrete domes can withstand earthquakes, fire, hurricanes, and floods, and have a simple design that is constructed with affordable, accessible materials. Likewise, our new course provides instruction in creating strong, durable earthen bricks in a variety of environments.

Health Care

One of the most frightening challenges for missionaries on the field is facing a health problem in their communities and not knowing what to do. In rural, remote areas, missionaries are often asked to help address common yet deadly health issues such as tuberculosis, HIV, malaria, diarrhea, malnutrition, and dehydration. Also, missionaries need medical treatment for themselves and their families, and adequate medical care is often many miles away.

Equip’s medical courses help missionaries remain in the field, stay healthy, and be helpful and effective in their work, giving them practical tools to diagnose and treat common illnesses. Special attention will be given to health problems that are not often seen in the West or included in Western medical training. Courses are designed for both lay people and trained medical professionals.

Community Development

One of the best ways to proclaim the love of Christ among the poor is to come alongside them as neighbors and invest in their communities, whether through education, medical care, or church planting.

Equip offers Community Health Evangelism (CHE) as a method for community development as ministry, a course that teaches missionaries how to work with community members to identify issues and mobilize resources to achieve positive, sustainable change. Lives and communities are transformed as people come to Christ and work together to address local needs.